Crème cicatrisante

So how long should I carry on rubbing this stuff in morning and night?

I know, the interweb will tell me.

Ha! Some hope! The websites say things like, rub it in morning and night. Continue until the scar is well-healed. It may take two years for the scar to lose all its redness.


I decided to ask for a second opinion at the pharmacy. After all, they sold me the stuff.

This créme cicatrisante, how long should I use it for? 

What have you got?

The one you sold me.

But which one, cicacrème, crèmocique, crèmcica?

The one with copper and zinc in.

OK. That one. Well you need to use it till the scar is well healed.

Yes, but that means what? Till it's no longer red? Or what. Because it'll stay red for a long time.

It depends on the person.

Yes, but two weeks? Two months? Two years? A lifetime?

What did you have done?

This. It was a sebaceous cyst. So just the skin, but well opened.

Well your scar will never disappear completely. Look, here's one on my arm from when I was a small child.

How long did you put cream on that?

I didn't.

OK. So basically every time I put it on that's great and when I want to stop I stop, and that's fine too.

Yes, stop when you're fed up of doing it. Oh, but protect it from the sun.

(I put my backwards cap back on) I don't wear this for style. 

Yes, but put some sunscreen on as well.

OK. Bye, have a nice day.


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