Crème cicatrisante

When he took my stitches out the nurse told me that in about 7 to 10 days I should get some crème cicatrisante (scarring cream???) from the pharmacy "and don't hesitate to massage it well in".

I looked up crème cicatrisante on the pharmacie websites and as far as I could see it was snake-oil. Some contain vitamin B6. Others silicone. I can't see me taking in much in terms of vitamins through the back of my neck, and I would only consider rubbing silicone into it if I wanted a good shine.

Still, one either follows medical advice or one goes one's own sweet way, so after rubbing in some arnica cream last night and this morning (I'm sure that would do) I accompanied Mrs Davey to the pharmacist. She was after some cream to clear up an itchy spot on her arm. The pharmacist showed her a wonderful cream that contains copper and zinc (!).

I said, and I need a crème cicatrisante.

"That's the one", she said.

"Wouldn't a simple moisturising cream or a cream with arnica do the job?"

"Oh no, you need the copper and the zinc."

Well at least we could share the one tube.

So for the next two to three weeks I must rub the crème cicatrisante into the back of my neck, massaging energetically, until I achieve a dull metallic sheen.

"Oh, and protect it from the sun", she said.

"Time to get out a scarf?"

"Or wear a baseball cap backwards".

We tried out various solutions, including a nice scarf and a kerchief, but by far the easiest is the backwards baseball cap.

On medical advice, don't you know.


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