We just got back from a visit to Inverness. A friend of UFM who hosts a UFM prayer group in her home suggested we stay at her place while she was away. We jumped at the chance. I've visited Inverness twice, I think, in 2005 and in 2012 - so I was due for a visit. In addition Pat has never been to that part of Scotland. Not only that, but a church in Inverness has partnered with us since 2005, so it was especially good to spend some time in the city.

We walked in the woods and beside the waterfalls and alongside the loch. We spent some quiet moments surrounded by nature.

We visited Inshes Church and Smithton-Culloden Church. We also went to Dingwall for the Tuesday morning of the Northern Convention. We met old friends and made new ones.

We ate traditional British food; supermarket Indian and Chinese meals, steak and ale pies (Pat was disappointed but I do not ask much of a pie) and a couple of times at Wetherspoons.

We flew to Edinburgh and hired a car. I hate hiring cars and always take photos before starting the engine, even. I've never had problems, but this time I was glad of the photos. On returning the car the assistant showed me a nick in a tyre just above a (previously) very badly scuffed alloy wheel. The nick was clearly in line with one of the scuffs, so I got out my phone and showed him the photo. The nick was there already. A bit of discussion with his supervisor, a photo of my phone with the photo and its date showing and we went on our way with the report showing returned undamaged.

Flights by Ryanair were pleasant, though the landings were rough. Do Boeings land rougher than Airbuses? Anyone know?

We returned to Bordeaux with rather a lot of tea bags and Scottish bacon, as well as oatmeal (I bought too much in Morrisons - it was so CHEAP!)

Every time I visit Scotland I fall in love with it again. Wonderful.


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