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Friday, October 23, 2015

There's no fool like an

My old windows laptop was sitting in a crate. It brought back painful memories of those days when I would turn on my laptop before heading into the shower, and maybe, just maybe, once I was dressed and breakfasted it would be ready to go.


But there's this new super-duper Windows 10 out now. It's super-duper, optimised and stuff, and the upgrade is free. Not like in the old days when you had to buy a cd, you just launch the upgrade process...

Well I started the old tug, found the upgrade site and launched the process.

A day later all the updates were done and the laptop is now on Windows 10.

I wouldn't like to say that it is snappy.
I can't imagine doing any serious work on it, but it might do watching videos or something.
And apparently Windows 10's constant updates are just as annoying as were those of Windows 7, XP, etc...

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