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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Confirming the sale and finding a flat to rent

So yesterday our buyers signed the "compromis de vente".

This is the formal agreement to buy the house, with the price stated and the names of the notaires who will handle the legal aspects.

At the time of signing this the buyers pay a deposit to the estate agents. The sale is binding from this time, except in case of force majeure. Force majeure may include inability to get a loan approved, a severe change in health, the discovery that the house is next to a source of great danger, etc. Or at least this is my understanding of events.

The notaires take about 3 months to do all the searches and legal niceties, and then the deal is done and everyone moves.

Today the agent will call at our house with the compromis de vente and we will sign it. Then we're under starters' orders. Or should I say, notaires' orders.

Now then, that means we need to find a place to rent. Either in the centre of Bordeaux or in Pessac. We've been torn between the two. The overcrowding of the trams between Bordeaux and the campus has persuaded us to choose to be on the Pessac side of the campus.

I applied on Tuesday for social housing and yesterday got the notification that our application has been checked and put on the list. Now I can call at Aquitaine, Domofrance and Axanis to see if there's any hope.

But there's another possibility. Each time I take the Citiz car back to Pessac centre I drive along the Pape Clément vineyards and at the far corner of the vineyard you turn right to head for the tram stop. On that corner there was a big old house which was demolished to build a small block of flats. These flats are just being completed. And they are being built to be let out.

I emailed the company and a nice lady phoned me back. The company has a website which outlines the responsibilities of tenants and the documents you have to provide to rent a flat. I can give them everything they need (tax returns, salary slips, electric bill, etc.) I just need a letter from UFM saying that I am not on a permanent contract and out of trial period.

So we're going to see the flats on Tuesday. There seem to be two options:

1) A two-bedroom flat with a balcony. Built-in wardrobes, fitted kitchen with hob, but not oven. About the minimum size we need. I wouldn't have a study and we wouldn't have a spare room, but we could get a bed-settee for when we need to accommodate people.

2) A three-bedroom flat with a big terrace. Equipped as above. I would have a study which could double as a spare room, and we would have space for barbecues for quite a lot of people. But at a higher rent.

So there we are. Time for me to get the info we need from the various internet accounts, to talk to the mission about acceptable levels of rent, and to go and see the flats.

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