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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

And when the ship to Tarshish won't start?

We had to go and sign for the new flat, and give a cheque for the deposit, and a month's rent, and agency fees - GULP! Still, all that will be OK.

The agency is at Mérignac, near the ring road and quite accessible by bus with various options suggested. The best was the 48 from Pessac Centre, so we presented ourselves at the stop to see the petite bus driver opening the engine canopy. She didn't look all that proficient in the maintenance of large diesel engines, but you never know.

"It won't start", quoth she. She pressed a button, looked at some gauges, then closed the engine cover and went to phone the control centre.

"It won't start", she repeated to me.

"They'll send another bus?"

"Not very soon. You'll have to take the 35."

As we walked off I thought, 'and if we can't get there does that mean we miss out on the flat? And if we miss out on the flat we'll accept it as God's will. But does that mean we shouldn't bust a gut to get there, or that we should?'

As we walked I looked at the magic mass transit app on my phone. We could take the 35, but we could also take the 42 or some other bus. With them all we'd have to change for the 1. We opted for the 42. The app said it would be there in 5 minutes. The bus stop said 20. We hummed and hahed, then strode off to the stop for the 35. It came directly.

Where to change for the 1. The app said at Mérignac Centre, but at the stop before there was a 1 waiting for passengers to get on. We crossed the road and hopped on. Shortly afterwards we arrived at the agents' office, ten minutes early.

We signed the forms. We signed the papers. We signed the cheque. We signed the agent's son's plaster cast on his broken leg just for good measure. Well, OK, I made that up...

And we walked away contented. Now, buyers, don't use this period of reflection to pull out. All the way, buyers, all the way!

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