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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Preaching for the Chinese

Nice people. Good interpreters. Great food.

and a rather odd character who wanted to heckle...

I explained politely, "Excusez-moi, monsieur, mais vous avez remarqué peut-être que nous faisons un culte en chinois. Le culte en français se passe demain matin à 10h30 et vous serez le bienvenue pour cela, mais je dois vous demander de ne pas intervenir ce soir."

(This is a Chinese service as you can see. You're welcome to come back tomorrow morning for the service in French, but please don't try to contribute this evening.)

He more or less kept the deal, I didn't have to ask him to leave, but at the end he said, "It's a protestant church, isn't it?"


"So you're the ones who marry homosexuals."

I thought, "They had to do that, didn't they"...

The Eglise Réformée de France is the historic reformed protestant denomination in France, mixed in theology but with some evangelicals in it. Some years ago it merged with another denomination and took the name "United Protestant Church"

Now that was some coup. Of all the words that exist in French: Reformed, Evangelical, Baptist etc... it was Protestant that was respected, because during years of persecution and war, the protestants suffered for what they believed in and didn't give up.

Then, this year, the United Protestant Church voted to celebrate same-sex marriage.

In one sweep the way people view the word "protestant" has been changed.

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