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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Borducks Starbucks big bucks

Bordeaux already has two Starbucks concessions, both at the airport, one amazing origami coffee bar upstairs in the main terminal building and one coffee cart parked outside the low-cost terminal building.

Another outlet is planned in the prestigious Promenade Sainte Catherine in the heart of the shopping centre, just up the road from Macdonalds.

But suddenly on Monday we learned that a Starbucks salon is opening tomorrow next to the huge Post Office at Meriadeck. Yesterday after our planning and prayer meeting James and I sauntered up to Meriadeck where I would purchase coffee and comestibles from the Auchan Gigamarket, and we passed the Post Office en route.

"That's it"

"But it can't be!" They'll NEVER have it ready by Thursday!

The storefront next to the Post Office was littered with what looked like old tat from sundry offices: a sink, desks, large items of detritus of every sort, and a few people were milling around even as doth the ant.

Hard to believe that in the space of 72 hours a Starbucks salon would be open there. I have promised Gwilym that we will go there on Thursday afternoon, he for a coffee-themed milky drink and and I for some kind of tea or coffee beverage. Iced if hot.

Watch this space for photos.

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