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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pessac, China - and beyond!

Yesterday we invited the internationals for a barbecue to say "see you soon" to the folks who are leaving now. It was a good time with perhaps ten folk present, and afterwards I reflected on how some years ago by Easter everything was pretty well over, whereas now things are reduced, but not over.

It was the same with the Chinese group where I met some of the new folk who have just arrived, including one chap from Jiling province, bordering North Korea. It's easy to find a church in my province, he said, everything is very open. I asked about North Korean refugees, and he said, "Of course, all the North Korean girls want to marry a Chinese guy." He didn't know how that would work or how it got set up, but he said, "and in North Korea they don't realise they are poor because the government controls everything. Everything."

Meanwhile the Commission des Ministers were meeting in the afternoon to finally decide whether Tim Mitchell can be admitted to the hallowed ranks of the UNEPREF pastors. As both their prior communications suggested a final negative response, Tim does not anticipate a positive outcome.

This morning I fly off to Geneva with some of the folk from Maison de la Bible for the big annual shindig in Geneva. We are supposed to take volleyball kit and boules, but I am uncertain whether Easyjet would really allow boules on the plane. So volleyball it will have to be, then. Bordeaux Church is in the capable hands of James.

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