Sunday is people day

We were invited for lunch at Patrick, my fellow elder's house, so we reserved a Autocool car and I went to pick it up somewhat late, having missed the bus I intended to take due to bathroom scheduling issues. Still, it got us to the church on time.

Where Christophe was preaching. His first proper sermon. He'd asked me to take notes and give feedback. I know how off-putting it can be to have someone with a clipboard ready to tell you how many times you sniffed... Still I was really happy with all. His delivery was great. All was, as we say, RAS. (rien à signaler).

We were all pretty heavime implcated in the service - Pat doing PowerPoint, Gwilym accompaniment, me topping and tailing the service with notices and the Lord's supper as well as doing the order of service and preacher hand-holding.

There was a good crowd at church after our low numbers last week. And Sen, our friend in Beijing, is back for a few weeks finishing off his PhD. So good to see him !

We proceeded to Patrick's house where we ate a well-prepared barbecue. Patrick is king of the barbie. Afterwards we talked about the church, the future and stuff.

Then back to Pessca for the English service. Numbers are always low when the sun shines, but we had a new couple - Franco-Canadian - who seemed very much at home. After a supper of pizzas and puds together we hit the sack.


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