Easter weekend

Good Friday's service was at 8pm. This seems late, but when we've tried to hold it earlier it's been a huge problem because of the Friday evening traffic combined with the folk leaving the city for the long weekend. We were able to start almost on time and finished just after 9. It was a good simple time. I preached from 1 Peter 3:18. It was great to have some of the students who've gone away to study back with us.

So Saturday was a day of prayer for the church. I was on duty at home in the morning and at church from 16h. It was great to find an old friend of the church there who I haven't seen for at least two years. The day went well, I think, and ended with the Chinese Easter Service where I had a new translator - my usual two were away - we celebrated the Lord's Supper together and there was a new couple present - Franco-Chinese, they have just moived down from the north and settled in one of the American baptist churches. Great couple. 1 Peter 3 v 18 did service, but this time in English translated into Mandarin.

Sunday's Easter services in Bordeaux and in Blaye had visiting preachers. At Cenon over 70 people crowded into our building, we had visiting friends as well as folk checking us out for the first time.

In the evening the English service was smaller than usual, but with a new person from the Philippines present for the first time. The message was from Matthew 28 verses 5 and 6.

A blessed and happy day, we were pretty tired by the end of it.

Monday than everyone got up late (except me) and the kids had schoolwork to do so there was no Easter Mondy outing.

Just as well as it's cold and damp here.


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