Spring arrived this weekend

bringing bright sunshine and heat and everything !

My Saturday began with a mens' breakfast which was a happy time. My cake Belle Hélène fell apart, so I got some really nice baguettes in the shape of ears of wheat from our local baguetterie. Nobody else brought cake, so this time it was croissants, chocolatines and bread. And discussions about the book "L'homme dans le miroir" by Patrick Morley.

I scuttled home for lunch and then we planned to go to the Bordeaux-USA book sale. I had a chappie coming for marriage counselling at 3, so we planned to catch the 13:30 bus, I'd spend 1/2 hour at the book sale then be back in time for my appointment. However we dillied and dallied, and so did the bus, so instead Pat went alone to the booksale and I called at the local Dacia garage.

Dacia had promised us a free gift and a chance to win a new Sandero GPL. Well Renault once gave us jolly nice fountain pens so since the Dacia garage is about 150 yards from our house I called there on the way back from the bus stop. The free gift turned out to be a useful USB charger and winning the car is a dead cert according to the pretty salesgirl.

The marriage prep went well, though it did take an unexpected turn. I was pretty clear and honest with our couple and they are thinking and talking things through.

Then off to church for the Chinese service. I must STOP eating the Chinese food. Hayfever and hot peppers can have quite strong effects on the back of my throat. Anyway, a lot of fruit juice and a few tissues and we were off into Acts 4 - 5.

It was great to see some folk back after doing work experience elsewhere, some folk back for their second week and showing every sign of settling down. A good evening.


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