Live radio

So today was radio interview day.

I am the speaker this evening (the French say "orateur". Grand eh ?) at a Café Théo in Caudéran, on the theme "God, if you exist, prove it !"

Thus it was that on Thursday of last week, I think, I got a call asking me if I'd go in for the lunchtime news slot on Radio Chrétienne de France, Bordeaux, be the guest of the day and talk about the Café Théo.

It meant about a 7 minute interview, done live, and great fun. A bit hair-raising as you don't want to mess up your genders or your subjunctives on the radio, and it all goes quite fast ! Still...

It seemed to go OK. They took my photo for their website (broke the camera on their iPad, too !).

And I got a plug in for the Café Philo that FAC do with the students.

Then they asked if I'd be interested in doing any more radio work as my face is just right for radio.

I said yes, of course, that I found it great fun and that I used to do a bit for the BBC in Wales.

So we'll see !


Martin said…
Hmm, seems that their opinion is matched by mine.
Stephen Dunning said…
"my face is just right for radio."

Love it!

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