What a day! But we're off..

10h00 Buyers came. They wanted to measure up for sofas, and to find out how things were. We told them we hope to complete next Friday . Their solicitor had not been in touch with them. Every time they come they seem to like the house more.

10h30 Builders came and started knocking out the old window with a hammer. Then they put in the new one.

12h00 The inspector was due to come - but he was unavoidably detained.

14h00 An inspector calls. He's happy. He'll issue the certificate on Tuesday, but I must squirt some fire-retardant foam into some gaps and crevices.

15h30 I find the foam at Jewsons in Chester, return home and squirt it in the gaps and crevices.

Next job - BOOK THE FERRY!


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