Google software

I have talked before about Skype. It's really useful for talking free of charge to people all over the world over the internet.

Well Google have launched their software for doing the same thing. It's called Google Talk. The big difference so far is that you cannot call ordinary phones or mobile phones - only people with a Gmail account.

Google have also produced an amazing mapping program which links to satellite photos and road maps, called Google Earth. It shows us the house we've rented in Villenave d'Ornon, though I am not clever enough to be able to tell which house it is exactly! But I found aerial photos of DEFLE (the language school)and the children's school.

They also have a great program for cataloguing all the digital photos on your computer, called Picasa. I'm sure lots of you use Desktop search, which finds information on your computer disk, and also Gmail, which I find very useful indeed.


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