This last week we were at the Keswick Convention. Our first time ever.

Keswick offer grants to serving missionaries or to those about to begin their service. Some friends at church told us about this and said we should apply. I said "yeah, yeah" as one does, thinking of all the people from Really High Stress Situations who needed to go. Then UFM emailed people about it, too, so I thought I'd better ring up. We were only free to go this last week (the 3rd week), but that was fine.

We were SO well cared for. They sorted out accommodation for us in a lovely little two bedroomed cottage right by the Rawnsley Centre where the children's meetings are held. There was a mini-bus to take people to the convention centre. Going on the bus meant you met other parents while queuing (like Peter the curate and John the MK who grew up in Brazil) but after two days of that we felt in need of some exercise so we walked.

On the Wednesday afternoon there was a special meeting held for missionaries, talking about transition - coping with change from one situation to another. It was a really helpful time, and we met some super people who knew the France scene, including one chap who had actually worked in Bordeaux. He's given us some really good contacts in the suburb where we'll be living!

In the mornings Dominic Smart from Gilcostom South aimed to give us an Emmaus Road experience, explaining how the Lord Jesus fulfils all the genres and situations of the Old Testament. This was a Really Ambitious Aim, and he tackled it manfully and admirably. In the evening Joe Stowell from Chicago was expounding inclusion into Christ. He had a very different style from Dominic's, but very helpful things to say.

Thanks, Keswick, for this week. It may well be "the calm before the storm" for us as we get ready for the off.


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