Viewing in Talence

This was great fun. Again we queued behind another prospective tenant who chatted happily with us. This house was 85 sq. m. and 750 euros per month (about 100 euros over budget). Well. The bedrooms were ok, and it had a really nice staircase. Sort of spiral. But downstairs was .. really small. It had one living room about the size of our dining room at present, with the kitchen in one corner (and the kitchen was not fitted - it only had a sink unit) At the back was a small yard - perhaps 14'x10', with only awkward access through a narrow doorway. It would mean no bikes for us or for the kids - but they could have guinea pigs. It was near their school and ours. But they'd have to play in the street. We could have made it work. I didn't take any pictures of the inside, partly because it was so cluttered, and partly because if we were going to live there I didn't want Pat to see it beforehand.

Anyway, the owner asked us what we thought of it. I said I thought the bedrooms were good and the staircase was very nice. He asked who we worked for. Carol explained. "Ah - evangelique! C'est les Mormons, non?" So we gave him a brief overview of church history since the 16th century.. He said he had a list of prospective tenants and he would decide on Friday who would get to rent it. Carol felt we had a good chance because he said we were the first people to have said anything nice about the house! The current tenants are due to move out at the end of August.


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