Next thing to pray for - a house!

Soon I will fly to Bordeaux - I have two days there to find and secure a house! I am sure it can be done - just as all the other steps and stages have been accomplished so far. God has been amazingly good to us, and made each step fall into place - at just the right time.

Please pray that we'll find something suitable. We have to think of budget, size and position. Basically I want a 100 square metre T4 or T5 house, in Pessac, for 650 euros a month. They don't exist (!), so unless something utterly amazing happens, we'll have to compromise on size, position and budget!

Just out of interest, look at this website! It is POSSIBLE that this firm may have a 87 square metre house to let at 870 euros per month in Talence, near the university campus. I'll take my courage in my hands tomorrow and ring them. Some houses were advertised to let on


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