Today was mabolgampau at the kids' school. I think it is the highlight of the school year for me, partly because it is held towards the end of the summer term.

I also like it because it is competitive - there are trophies for the boy and girl winner in each year, but it is also very much teamwork. The children are divided into four llys (Gwent, Gwynedd, Dyfed and Powys), who compete against each other. The headmaster also gets the kids very excited, awarding points for the noisiest llys, etc.

My favourite race this year was the ras gwisgo - a relay where the children have to put on wigs, coats, shorts and wellingtons then charge down the field to the finish.

Gwilym & Catrin are in Gwent, and Gwent won. Gwilym was wearing his France cap, bought very cheaply indeed from a supermarket after France was out of the football world cup a few years ago.


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