First MRI scan done

 The ophthalmologist noting an "anomaly" on my optic nerves, he ordered a series of tests which will happen on a month from February to May.

February was a Doppler Ultrasound scan of my carotid arteries and of those which feed the eyes. The doctor turned out to be a long-lost cousin from Brittany, he found nothing untoward and we parted vowing to search each other out next time there's a family reunion. (It's a celt thing).

March was today, and an MRI of my pituitary gland to look for any inflammation that might have affected my optic nerves. The scan found quite the contrary, a pituitary on the small side.

Next, in April, I see a psychiatrist for a sleep study. I have six questionnaires to fill out first. 

Then in May another MRI of another part of my head.

I'm half-way through, and that's very encouraging because these tests tend to set off attacks of hypochondria.


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