Retirement age in France is 62 for people of my vintage. Up until I retire we pay something in the order of 700€ per month for retirement and health care. If I retire in four months' time (it takes four months to do) then I would be paid about 450€ per month. That means our support budget would be reduced by over 1000€ a month. Makes sense, huh?

I also have a UK pension from computing that will pay something in the order of 400€ per month.

Our UK state pensions can be claimed from April and from November 2025.

One of the ICC pastors is currently going through the process, so he sent me the forms you have to fill in. The form mentioned the possibility of doing it all online, and I got as far as the final page which told me to upload my "Livret de famille". I know what this is, but not being of French nationality I don't have one.

Banjaxed. I am waiting for the retirement people to phone me back within 48 hours.



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