When the lift doesn't work

 One thing about living in a flat is that it is flat. I don't know if that's why we call it a flat, but it's flat all the same. In a house you go up and down and climb stairs, but not in a flat. From the bedroom to the kitchen to the balcony to the office - it's all flat.

So those days when you don't leave the house - and there are too many of them - mean that you hardly move at all! Thus it was for me yesterday and the day before when waiting for some things to arrive from Amazon. We've had some issues with Amazon delivery recently so when they said something was coming I decided to stay in and wait. 

I'd checked the mail already - our mailbox is four floors below us so we either scamper down the stairs and scramble back up or we take the lift. This time I trotted down and scuttled back up, but the box was empty. (Aware of too many days when I go neither out nor come in, I like to run up the stairs.)

Then came the call. "Amazon delivery. We're in front, by the mailboxes." 

"I descend!" I replied, and charged headlong down the stairs.

By our maiboxes - nobody.

At the next block to ours, where their mailboxes are under a beautiful archway with benches and palmtrees - nobody.

I hurtled out into the street and down the sideroad and found their van just turning round. I think they'd checked the number on the wall against the address.

"Good day! Here I am. It is for me", quoth I. 

"Good day! Here, take what is thine!" came the repost.

I decided to take the lift up. As it neared our floor I heard the sound of merry talk and laughter from outside. The door opened and three strangers stood there looking in. "Good day", I greeted them as I exited the lift - on the floor below ours.

Oh well! I charged up the stairs and arrived just as the lift door was opening.

"Once more good day". The three strangers looked quizzically around.

"Ah no! We have not descended!" 

They laughed and re-entered the lift.

Tricky things, lifts.


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