Brighter before bedtime

A couple of things have helped. 

Catrin came round and clowned around with music.

A future bride came round to eat, and to plan her wedding in three weeks' time.

I listened to Vaughan-Williams' Fantasia on a theme of Tallis.*

I took a nap. I needed it, too, after a short and disturbed night.

My preparation for tomorrow morning and for Sunday.

* one bright spot in the covid experience has been the artists finding new ways to reach the public with their music: the pianist Igor Levit's micro-concerts, Voces8 and Apollo5 and so on with their chamber choir stuff, orchestras performing from unusual halls, the Wigmore Hall broadcasting wonderful singers. I can't always spare an evening or the cost of a ticket for a concert in Bordeaux but here world-class music has come to our homes, and I'm very thankful.


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