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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Home made mincemeat

The French know not mincemeat.
I mean we know not even candied peel!
Suet is an issue.
So for many years we have not had mint spies at Christmas unless someone has been able to smuggle them over in their hold baggage or something.

Then this year I found a recipe.
It's not perfect.
It has suet. I substituted butter.
It has candied peel. I left it out.
It has fresh cranberries. In your dreams.
It doesn't have grated apple. I'll add some next year.

But I found some dark brown sugar, at HUGE expense in Auchan.

So basically I did my best with what I have available.
Next year I'll adjust the spices. Less cinnamon. Some ground cloves. I'll add grated apple. I'll buy one of those zester things. Above all I'll try and make the mincemeat a couple of months before Christmas, instead of a couple of days!

But we shall have pies!

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