Franchise 2

Now there's something stewing in the back of the ageing skull about networks and stuff.

Because I have friends and colleagues working in various networks. Some encourage me to come to their conferences, retreats, workshops and to join. Others leave me tranquil, as we say here.

You know what I mean by networks. Acts29, CTC, etc. (In fact I used to be in the CTC, the Cyclists' Touring Club, till it dawned on me that I used my bike to commute, not to tour, and before it dawned on the CTC that they could broaden their scope. But that's a different CTC.)

I am reluctant to sign up for any of them. For a variety of reasons :

1) I already have more conferences, retreats, workshops, pastorales, study days etc than I can possibly ever hope to attend, and people tell me that I disappoint them terribly by my absence.

There's so much disappointment in this world.
Let's not add to it by accumulating even more events to not attend.

2) Franchise. I watched a video produced by an American mission this morning where the guy talked about how often church plants are plants of a branch of a particular style or type of church - like expanding your franchise.

Yeah. That's it.
No matter how good your brand of church is, are you called to establish a franchise ?

It's still stewing. This is not a mature reflexion, but I thought I'd pop on some work in progress.


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