Franchise 1

Yesterday was the RéseauFEF pastorale for South-West France. It includes folk from Bordeaux, Toulouse, Tarbes, everywhere...
I've never been before. The only FEF event I have ever attended was in the first winter of our time here when Carole Liddiard and I want to the FEF Assemblée Générale in Paris. Anyway...

I nearly didn't make it. I had to take bus 44 to Dassault, then get bus 36 to Pyréneés. All the buses going up the main Arcachon road were delayed by monstrously heavy traffic linked with the installation of the tram lines so as we slithered our way towards Dassault I emailed the guys to say I probably would miss my connection and therefore not make it for the meeting. (If you miss that 36 there's a long wait for the next.)

Anyway at Dassault I had to cross the road and as I waited at the crossing there was the 36 at the bus stop by the roundabout at the other side. Someone stopped. I crossed. I waved. The bus pulled away from the stop but then pulled in just where I was to let me on.

The pastorale was about conflict and it was kind of based on communication style rather than exposition as such, but the time to reflect and discuss was pretty enlightening and it was good being with the folk.

Then off home - a short wait for the 36 back from Pyrénées, then a short wait at Serpent, and the journey back was uneventful.

Oh yeah, franchise. The word in French means frankness, straight talking, and speaking straight to folks is a sign of love, said our tutor for the day.


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