The Good Friday service ... and beyond

Good Friday is a working day like any other.

Well I say that, but because Easter Monday is a public holiday that means that the traffic on Good Friday evening is even worse than usual.

For this reason, and with memories of services scheduled for 6pm which started very late because half the folk were stuck in traffic jams, the Good Friday service was scheduled for 8pm till 9pm.

There was quite a good turn-out - I think the later time probably helped a lot ! - and we finished just a little after 9 to reflect the fact that we started just a little after 8.

Afterwards we scuttled out having missed the optimum 9:20 tram that connects with a nice bus that gets you home just about about an hour later. We hopped on the first tram that came, when ...

Catastrophe !

The tram had to wait for the firemen to come because someone had been taken ill on the tram.

Good distance vision enabled us to see the person taken ill. It looked to us like the kind of illness you get from excessive consumption of bottled liquids, but hey... ill is ill.

The pumpers came, they hauled the guy somewhat unceremoniously off the tram, confirming our diagnosis, and we continued on our way to see a No 4 bus leave the stop just as we arrived.

We had a 40 minute wait. I know !

So we popped into the Connemara for a quick coffee. There was an Irish jam session going on. When I work out how to I'll pop on the videos I took with my phone.

A while later the bus came, we hopped on, we got home to a waiting daughter. (Gwilym was here but not so actively waiting...)


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