Our next car ?

Well, not really, but partly to avoid the rain I snuck through the Renault showrooms on the way home.

And yes, they did have a Zoe on display.

The Renault Zoe is a Fiesta sized hatchback that is entirely electric. I wanted to explore it a bit. To look at the inside, the boot, etc.

And it's great ! Just like a Clio, really. Perhaps a tiny bit smaller. Boot about the same.

The government offers a 7000€ subsidy on the price, so with the base model costing about 21k€ the price drops to below the price of the equivalent Clio. You do have to rent the batteries, which is Renault's way of coping with the need to renew them eventually.

Now years ago I heard someone explain that one buys things that appreciate in value, like houses. One rents, leases or hires things that depreciate in value, like cars.

I could see their reasoning, and I couldn't assault the logic, but still, well one does what everyone else does, doesn't one.

Now more and more people are leasing their cars. I know several people who do that here in Bordeaux.

Maybe one day we'll lease a Zoe !


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