Eating in Africa

There were four different circumstances in which we ate :

1) in the training centre, where good local food was prepared and served carefully. The local food includes a lot of fish and rice. One meal contained tripe. Pity my colleague asked because I generally operate on the "if you don't know what it is don't worry about it" principle.

2) in restaurants, chosen because they cater for white folk. Sometimes the food was very good. Sometimes it was OK. Generally it was western-style (grilled local fish came with chips or sauté potatoes, for example, or there were dishes like coq au vin, etc...) One restaurant was great fun, run by someone left over from colonial times, it was Rick's bar in Casablanca, it really was.

3) in the hotel where we stayed, the food was atrocious. No, really, it was ghastly. The breakfasts were OK - just bread and jam, but the evening meal was awful. If I ever go back there's no way I'll eat that again. I'd rather buy a bunch of bananas.

4) in folks homes or after discussion evenings, where the food was as 1) above.

Folk eat a lot ! Two big meals a day, plus they seem to eat a standard French breakfast of half a baguette (please note that their baguettes are amazingly light. It's all air !)


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