Vous êtes Gallois, non ?

I staggered over to the local Carrefour for coffee, bread and stuff.
(The breadmaker has yielded up the spirit. That's less than a year but we can't find the receipt. Marvellous...)
Anyway, on the way back I stumbled into the newsagents to scan the rags and the chappie saw me and said "You're Welsh aren't you?"
"Yup", quoth I.
"My son's just been to Cardiff."
"Well that's my city !"
"He was in the suburb of - darling, what suburb was junior in...?"
He phoned junior...
"Deenas Pooees. They visited the Millenium Stadium, Beeg Peet, they had a whale of a time" (ils se sont régalés)
"Dinas Powys ! It's not where I lived but I know it."

It's one of the great advantages of shopping locally.
I felt so full of goodwill afterwards that I thought I really ought to buy a magazine or something,
but hey, two euros is two euros...
Takes a considerable heap of goodwill to squander two euros on a magazine !


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