I'm back !

I arrived back in Bordeaux yesterday and enjoyed renewing my acquaintance with bus 4, which celebrated by smashing a VW Polo's wing mirror in festive glee. Well the owner of the Polo was not so festive, as you'd expect.

Ryanair is OK, really ! The staff were all friendly. I saved money by not going to the loo. My bag going out wighed 7 Kg and coming back 9kg - I had acquired three books, two tee-shirts (pyjamas for the use of) and a thin navy sweater (what possessed me to come to the UK with one sweater and choose a RED one !)

Road journeys were for the most part picturesque - I saw a bit of bonnie Scotland, the centre of Newcastle (very impressive but that guy had taken the fog off the Tyne), the Angel of the North, Durham Cathedral, Ripon and Barnard Castle. I will pop photos on as soon as I can.

A huge joy to see old friends. We're all getting old now aren't we. One sprightly 50-year-old insisted on giving my age every time he introduced me to anyone. You know who you are. A great joy to see something of the churches of the North. I am stewing on a certain reflection on the different evangelical tribes in the UK - maybe after discussing with one or two more people I'll be able to express a thought or two.

I got back to find the drains cleared by M. Michaël and the walls still not seeming all that dry to me. In a moment I'll scour that corner of the loft to see if I can see anything happening with the pipes. If not I'll call M. Michaël to get his opinion.

Pat and the kids are well. They have got on fine without the car except that Sundays are a hassle. Essentially it means four hours commuting, one hour four times. Well, folk do worse. And we can minimise it by eating at church, or by moving the English Service (back) to our home. We'll see.

For now I have umpteen phone calls to make !


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