UFM Family Conference

Last week was the UFM Family Conference. We try to go every two years and we arer expected to go every four at least. It's always a good time when we catch up with friends and colleagues that we have known for years and years and years.

Many of the folk are personal heros, like the friends who work in the Ukraine, and those who work in countries that shall not be named (Voldermortenstein), and the couple about to go to China.

This year Peter Milsom, the outgoing Director of the mission, was speaking from Acts, and his ministry was helpful as ever.

Some super guys from Birmingham, AL were there to talk about their ministry, one hundredfold, which aims to encourage and help people in online ministry. George was especially helpful. I asked him about apps for Android and iOS and he told me what people pay for those apps that all look exactly the same (like THOUSANDS of dollars) and suggested instead making our websites mobile-friendly. He showed me how to do it, and I thought...'hang on a moment' and looked at bordeauxchurch.info on my mobile. It was already mobile friendly !

So the next projects are QR codes on visiting cards, then a three minute message linked to mobile friendly websites. Pretty sure I can do that using audioboo. Oh yes, and George called me "Sir". They're good guys. They don't yet have a web presence themselves because they are so busy helping folks like me. Good, eh?

There was another highlight of the conference for me. Amanda, who was organising the music accompaniment at the conference, had a rather unusual flute with a black plastic button. I remarked on it, only to find that her flute is a Miyazawa. (Flute players will gasp at this point) "Play it tomorrow!" she said.

So I did. Or rather I thought of what I'd like the flute to do and the flute played itself. Honestly ! It was just a wonderful flute ! People remarked on how good the flute sounded that morning, but all I did was read the music, the flute did all the hard stuff by itself.

And I became a guy who once played on a Miyazawa.


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