On house-swapping

Well house-swapping was a very pleasant experience for us.

The first house we got to stay in was in a small village just outside Aberystwyth, a stable conversion in a lovely quiet place.

We especially liked the kitchen that was plenty big enough to eat in, and the children liked the TV !

The second house was very different, a terraced house in the middle of Shotton. It's a beautiful house and right in the middle of all the folks we know.

And while folk were at our house they :

1) mowed the grass. This poor dab caught it at a bad moment. We cut it before leaving but there was lots of rain so it grew really fast before our first guests arrived ! Since then it hasn't rained at all so the "lawn" is now brown and crisp.

2) fed the guinea pigs and gave terminal care to and buried one of them.

3) trimmed the trees ! Again we had trimmed them to the desired "living parasol" effect, but our guests siezed the idea and cut back any odd dangling bits - and cut back the low conifer

4) left some very nice Fairtrade products - tea, chocolate biscuits, etc... and a vacuum flask !


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