Back in Bordeaux

Following a few weeks of camps, conferences and holidays in the UK we got back to Bordeaux yesterday.

We attended  :

SoulSurvivor (Gwilym with friends from North Wales)
CCIW camp (Gwilym and Catrin - same site, different weeks)
UFM Family conference (all of us, Gwilym just for part)
EMW Aber conference (all of us, though Gwilym in a youth flat)

All conferences were excellent. Travel was uneventful (except for that CCIW campsite field and a dose of aerosinusitis for me on the return flight - OUCH!!!)
Oh, and our luggage that swelled from 20kg to over 40!

We stayed in super places thanks to Hothorpe Hall for UFM and to the kind souls who did house-swaps with us.

Blogging was sporadic because I had no laptop with me, only my aging iPad, and typing on the iPad is for short messagettes only.

We saw some of our family - great to see Nige & Ina, Val & Alan, Kath & Huw and Haze and gang.

We spent good time with our home church - special thanks to all for your loving welcome and generosity, and especially good to begin to get to know some of the new folks better.

Now we're getting back into the swing here.


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