The car

We picked up the car. Carol Liddiard, our colleague in Bordeaux, had arranged insurance for us. (This was something of an ordeal. The lady in the insurance broker offered her coffee while they ploughed through the arrangements!)

Now we have one month to register the car in my name in Bordeaux. Once that is done I will have one week to get the number plates changed from the current 9999 AZ 62 of Pas de Calais to 9999 AZ 33 for Gironde.

To register the car you have to complete a Demande d'immatriculation form, which asks you, in French, the puissance fiscale (fiscal power) of your car, the type variant version (you guess - I was baffled), and several different weights:
Masse en charge maximale techniquement admissible
Masse en charge maximale admissible
Masse en charge maximale de l'ensemble
Masse en service
Poids à vide national
and the power to weight ratio (Rapport puissance/masse (en kW/kg)

I sincerely hope that some of these figures relate to public service vehicles or to articulated lorries(!) because I simply couldn't find enough weights to fill all the boxes!


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