What's it like applying to a mission?

In a word, rigorous. I had never experienced such a rigorous process, though I had three different jobs in commerce before entering Christian ministry.

There are large application forms to complete - covering personal and doctrinal matters. Also there are personal and doctrinal interviews, based on the forms.

Then there is the medical and psychological assessment, conducted in London at Interhealth. Up to this point, Pat and I had separate forms, examinations and interviews.

Finally there is the Council Interview, when you appear together before the Mission Council. (This was made slightly less daunting for me because I knew almost half the people there already.) At the conclusion of this interview you know if you will be joining the mission team.

Considering the number and size of forms, and the number of interviews and examinations, I am quite surprised that it all got done in less than 8 weeks! We were welcomed into the mission on July 8.


Alan said…
Just in case a prospective missions candidate reads this, I can assure you that all was a joy from start to finish.

Even the interview with the psychiatrist was interesting and diverting.

And all with the constant assurance of the presence and support of the living God.

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