More about why

There's more to say about the mission call. (and how!)

Mission societies have been saying for some time that we ought to send our pastors for overseas mission. Some church members say similar things ;-) Now we are not the most experienced pastoral couple in the world - 13 years is not a lifetime. But it is 13 years. And it has been interesting and encouraging to know of several "settled pastors" uprooting to serve overseas.

It is really important for every Christian to consider where they may best serve the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been very impressed by the way that some pastors consider each year whether they are best serving the Lord Jesus Christ by remaining in the church where they are settled. Should they consider serving overseas? I didn't used to think like that each year, I admit! It took rather more pushing than that!

So once we got over the shock, going to serve in France seemed the most reasonable and sensible thing in the world to do. The church had been praying that God would push out workers into the harvest field, not just in personal witness and local evangelism, but also in foreign mission. He seems to be pushing us.

And why not? It's his right.


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