The marriage at the town hall


The ceremony is quite simple and is conducted by one of the town council, sometimes by the mayor in person. 

There's a brief introduction where the identities of the couple and their witness are confirmed, along with their addresses. Then some of the acts of law that define marriage are read. Then comes the big moment:

Catrin Alys Davey, do you consent to take as spouse Froim Frieder Teschner ? Yes.

Froim Frieder Teschner , do you consent to take as spouse  Catrin Alys Davey? Yes.

I declare that you are husband and wife.


The Act of Marriage is signed, the Certificate of Marriage is given and then the couple are presented with their "Livret de Famille" and, typically, with the pen they used to sign the act of marriage.

Then it's outside for photos and back to Froim's flat for lunch.


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