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Sunday, August 01, 2021

Being burgled - aftermath

 The locksmith who replaced the cylinder in the lock said that what we needed was a barillet anti-arrachage - a reinforced cylinder. So I got to work with google maps and with my phone. One guy was not terribly helpful. The second person was much more ready to advise. She told me there were two locks she would recommend, the best was very expensive indeed, the second-best she should be able to get for that evening. If I would send her a picture of the old broken cylinder with accurate measurements, she would send me a quote for the new one.

I complied, but no return message came. Meanwhile I shopped around for the lock barrels she mentioned. The best one was available on Amazon for next day delivery from the manufacturer and for much less than I had been told. Eventually I ordered it. It came the next day and I fitted it.

Meanwhile something struck me. The new brown shoes I had bought for catrin's wedding were no longer where I left them. And where was my enormous rucksack I use for cabin bag travel? Yup. Stolen, too. Honestly! Who steals a chap's shoes?

Then came the job of filing the police complaint. You can begin the procedure online, then they send you an appointment to go in and sign it all. It was not difficult to do, and while we racked our brains for timings we realised that we'd actually been burgled during an absence of just over two hours. Our immediate neighbours suspect that it's someone in the apartment complex who saw us leave. Maybe.

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