Journey out of confinement

 Bit spasmodic, this blog, isn't it!

Anyway, yesterday France began its journey out of confinement, by lifting the 10km limit for journeys.

It was my day off, so Mrs Davey and I celebrated by hopping on the 11:30 to the beach. We bought sandwiches at the station and ate them on the train, surreptitiously lowering our masks, then walked happily up and down the waterfront, soaking up the sun rays, breathing deeply the clean sea air and speculating as to which size of powerboat we should aspire to. After some reflection we saw a small black dinghy that we might eventually stretch to!

It wasn't terribly warm but it was awfully pleasant. We ate chips and ice-cream and chatted with the chip stall-holder. They're surviving from the commerce on sunny days and longing for the day when they can put out tables and serve meals. That is scheduled for the 19th of May.

We got home really tired from all that se air. It really got in our lungs! But we had an Elders' and Deacons' meeting in the evening about us for which we needed to keep our wits. Our E's and D's are a fine bunch and we finally went to bed tired but happy.


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