O dear, what's happened now ?misc

Pat got a letter from the public transport company. Please arrange to pay the 12 euros you owe which we tried to draw from your bank but there were insufficient funds.

It's several years since we had that kind of thing, so I was non-plussed. So I went online to look at the bank accounts. Neither was overdrawn and neither had been recently. What a relief ! Not only that but our transport payments had both been made.

So we went to the transport office. "Excuse me, we had this letter, but what's this 12 euros about? We've paid our tickets, and our bank account was never overdrawn."

The woman looked on her computer and said, "well, it's for the child."

"What child?" 

"For Louis."

"Who's Louis?"

Some numbers have been typed in wrong, I suspect, in setting up poor Louis' ticket.


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