New restrictions

 Yesterday evening President Macron announced further anti-covid measures.

Firstly the conditions that applied to Paris, to the North East and South East of France will now apply everywhere. Essentially this means a 10km restriction on travel and non-essential shops are to close. (Food shops, hairdressers, bookshops, garages and bike shops are regarded as essential.)

Secondly schools will go into learning from home next week.  Monday is already a bank holiday and primary schools close on Wednesday anyway, so for many people this means three days of learning from / teaching to home. Then the school holidays are being moved to the next two weeks all over France. This will effectively close schools for three weeks. Return to school buildings will be staggered thereafter.

M. Macron is also accelerating further the vaccination programme. Of course, this depends on vaccines being produced and delivered.

For us personally and in the church it doesn't make a huge difference to anything much.


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