More on moral failures in ministry

 This time a short plea to you, and to myself.

When someone suggests that you are making a mistake, or committing an error, or on a wrong path, or even suggests that there is some dreadful secret in your life, please don't react with anger and indignation.

Your goal is not to establish your own innocence and righteousness. Not if you are a Christian.

Your goal is to face up to your own pervasive guilt and moral ineptitude, and to accept an alien, imputed righteousness freely given to you, and then to make progress towards a holiness that at present you do not have and can not obtain, and that you need absolutely if you are to see the Lord face to face.

That means even a scurrilous, erroneous, malicious accusation could be useful in achieving your highest goal - glory. 

Entertain the possibility that there is a grain of truth in the accusation. There may well be.

Thank the person and tell them you will take what they say seriously.

Then do so. 

Consult someone who knows you well, without naming your accuser if possible. 

"Do you think that I might be...."

"Has someone said something?"

"It's not that, it's just that I wonder whether..."

If it's a serious accusation, invite investigation. 

Call in outside help if appropriate.

Get help dealing with persistent bad habits that affect your relationships, discipleship and service.

Remember, if you are sincere, you believe that the eternal fate of your soul is at stake.

If you are not sincere then leave quickly and discreetly and get some other job.

We have assured people at Bordeaux Church that all serious accusations will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. We think this will help to prevent frivolous accusations, but also that people will know that we care about their well-being here, and hereafter.


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