Masks, masks and more masks

 The virus is once more being spread in Bordeaux. We currently have an r number of about 1.78, and an incidence of about 52 cases per 100,000 population. 4.2% of tests for coronavirus give positive results. There are still few hospitalisations and few in intensive care, but we are told that this is because for the moment the virus is spreading among young people, and that when they start to infect older folk the numbers in hospital will rise.

This picture is true of various places in France, so on a national level the government is prearing for local confinement and for restrictions on travel.

Meanwhile masks have to be worn in the two busiest streets in Bordeaux as well as in shops and in public transport, but from next Monday they'll need to be worn everywhere in the open air. 

Meanwhile churches are champing at the bit to fill their premises and choirs are waiting eagerly to resume rehearsals.

For Bordeaux Church we're working on a plan to try and enable us to thrive in the present circumstances.

For the choir I seriously wonder whether we need to break into small choirs of 8 to 10 people, who can then rehearse in people's homes.


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