Strangely, although our bedroom has a lovely bathroom attached to it, it has no built-in wardrobes. The other rooms do have them, but share a small shower room.  Go figure.

Anyway we hung our clothes on those metal-framed things you can get and left some in boxes and waited for the augurs to be auspicious in order to get some wardrobes.

Much measuring. Much perusal of Ikea catalogues. More measuring. Calculations. Finally I knew which ones we should get.

Some more waiting. We needed the coincidence of funds to purchase them and time to construct them. This week the planets came together so the wardrobes were delivered at 12 on Thursday afternoon. Yes - instead of reserving a pool car and wrestling the seven (7) heavy two metre boxes around myself I opted to pay for two hulking guys with a van to bring them into the flat.

There was one narrow unit and one broad one. The narrow one went together easily, and there was space in the bedroom to construct it in situ. The broad one needed more floor space so I put the carcass together in the living room. Then I realised that getting it from one room to the other was going to be a challenge.

I had only one pair of arms and one back - good though fragile - but the best asset I had was my old geometry lessons so by lots of thinking, imagining shapes passing through other shapes, and then some jiggery pokery I got the thing in. About 30 minutes in total. The rest was a case of screwing on doors and making up drawers etc.

Well, you never saw a couple so blissful! We have put all our clothes away for the first time in months. It's remarkable. Every time we walk into the bedroom we grin with glee.


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