Back almost a week

and the blog is so quiet!

It's because of various things:

1) Mrs Davey is unwell. She's been struggling with what we thought was 'flu ever since we got back from Zurich. Yesterday she went to the doctor and was diasgnosed with "une angine virale" - a viral sore throat. It's made everything swell up around her nech and throat and given her a rough time. Incidentally that means neither of us is sleeping very well! But though I'm not as well as I could be, I'm not affected as badly as she is. Maybe because of my 'flu jab?

2) Meanwhile there's lots to do, notably in preparing for the visit of our friends from Grace Baptist Mission the week before Easter.

3) At the same time we're preparing for our Annual General Meeting in May, at which time we need to change a little the structure of our association.

4) Still, at least from our point of view, there's nothing to do to prepare for the next few years in France. We've done all we can and all we need to.

5) Catrin is often unwell in South Africa. She seems to get recurring bouts of nausea, sometimes with vomiting. She thought it was linked to a particular food, but it may not be. Anyway, she's now over half-way through her time at the orphanage.

Bon courage!


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