So that was Christmas

I took time off to spend with the family. It was wonderful!

Gwilym came home from London on 18th December, he slept in the lounge on the sofa bed, and this gave a certain shape to our time together, with early nights and late mornings (or at least late for me - I normally get up at about 6:30).

For Gwilym's birthday we ate at the Regent Bistro in Pessac, a local chain of restaurants that does steaks, salmon or breast of duck at a reasonable price.

We also ate a kebab from the most popular kebaberie in Bordeaux, the Coluche. I find it hard to love kebabs, but it's the nearest Bordeaux comes to authentic street food so...

For Christmas dinner we added some friends to our family and ate a raclette together. This is a very unwise mix of boiled potatoes, grilled bacon and dried sausage with a topping of melted cheese. It has the sole virtues of being good fun and very filling, so it was followed with a mincemeat flavoured ice-cream following a really simple recipe I found on the internet.

Christmas Eve we worshipped with our friends in Merignac. In the evening Pat and I went to the late night service in the Pessac church, leaving at the moment of the mass. There must have been about 200 people there. The priest's sermon was kind of OK, full of historical detail, application focused on being people of peace and goodwill. OK as far as it went, but that wasn't very far. The service was extremely badly organised!

Yesterday Gwilym left on the 11:20 flight to London, missing storm Carmen by just a couple of hours. I spent the rest of the day moping.

Now it's back to work! Lots to do!


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