Changing the hard disk

We don't have a television or a hifi system. Instead we have a Mac Mini computer that stores all our music and accesses films and programmes that we might want to watch. We've had the computer about three or four years and it's very good, but it has always been very slow indeed.

The problem is that Apple put slow hard disks in their base models, and to buy a computer with a fast hard disk is very expensive indeed.

The solution is to change the hard disk for a SSD. Well, following the computing adventures of last month I decided to bite the bullet, buy a drive and change the thing.

In the centre of Bordeaux there is a computer-monger who sold me all I needed, including a very natty little case full of the special screwdrivers I would need. Youtube has videos showing the procedure to follow step by step. What could possibly go wrong?

So in I hied me on the trusty number 4 bus. The chappie in the shop remembered my name and sold me the bits I needed, recommending a particular piece of software to copy the old disk onto the new. (CopyClone)

I came home and used a different piece of software (SuperDuper) and waited as the copy took hours, several hours.

Then came the surgery. I set up a lamp by the table and laid out kitchen paper to receive the various screws. One website said it would take about 45 minutes. It didn't. It took about 20. There were a few steps that people said you could leave out, so I did. One screw didn't want to go back in, so I left it out! Then...

The Mac Mini is now REALLY FAST! I couldn't believe the difference it made!

If you're hesitating, do it!


Matthew Evans said…
I put an SSD in my MacBook. Like having a new computer!

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