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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Selling things on the Bon Coin

Next phase in furniture reduction : put sofa, bunks, wooden garden table and chairs and doll's house on the Bon coin.

Problem. What price to ask...

Well the bunks are solid and come with mattresses. There are always lots of bunks on the site so you can see what they are going for. In addition our bunks have some of the screws missing, so we knock off a bit for that.

The sofa is American and very solid. We have had it about twenty years, however, and there are places where the cloth has lost some of its texture. OK. Finger in the air on that one.

The doll's house is solidly made and in very good condition. Finger in the air.

The garden table and chairs. Well this we bought in a sale when we first came to France because we needed something quickly. However I have never loved it, the chairs are those funny angled uncomfortable things and the table legs are awkwardly placed, too. OK. Finger in the air.

The adverts go live:

We could have sold the salon de jardin six times over! Maybe for six times as much?

The bunks - OK. A serious buyer.

The sofa. Zero, thus far.

The doll's house. Likewise, no response.

Still. Early days. And we still have lots of fine junk to sell!

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