Encouragement at the Maison de la Bible

I was a little early arriving at my stop on Wednesday so I thought I'd wander about and see what photos I could take of the city centre. In the end I just enjoyed looking at the law courts and their huge water feature, and the shops across the way. I counted four (4) Pibal bicycles (Pibaux?) in the bike rack outside the law courts and generally had a good time.

Then I arrived at the shop on the stroke of 10.

I greeted our friendly local beggar and his friend, who come at opening time for their morning coffee, popped into the back to the loo, switched on the coffee machine - ah - there's a customer - and I haven't even turned the lights on or started up the till. He bought 100€ worth of Bibles, then the morning became very calm. Still. Not bad for the first 2 minutes.

Two Mormon lads came in. Short trousers. Snotty noses. Bruised knees. Badges that said "Elder Bonnie" and "Elder Clyde".

They said, "Nous cherchons des Bibles".

I said, "What kinda Bibles you guys looking for?"

So we talked about Bibles, French, Utah and Oregon, Montpellier, where they're working, visas etc. They tried to talk to me about the Book of Mormon. I tried to tell them it's a load of old tosh, without using the words load, old or tosh, of course. I have forgotten their real names but why not pray for the Mormon lads. God knows who they are.

There's a new missionary in town, a splendid chap who has spent a year in Paris learning to speak French properly before coming to Bordeaux to learn how to speak French ... improperly.

Anyway do pray for him. He needs encouragement! And proper encouragement, not like the following :

1) conversation on Sunday evening. "Oh yes, I helped another person with their French who came to work with students. And when they arrived their French was worse than yours!" in that, 'you'll never believe this but it's true all the same' tone of voice.

2) in the bookshop. New chap, in French, "Yes, I'll be working with students on the campus." French interlocutor, "Oh, OK, but English-speaking ones, of course!"

Keep going, lad, it's just people's way of showing they love you.


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